About NeoHenna

Henna is simply leaves

Gina Outcalt, Founder and Artist

I have always been an artist, and a lover of any new way to express myself visually. Henna is such a beautiful example of this. I graduated from The Art Institute of Houston with a Graphic Arts degree, and that is my day job, but it was a dream come true in 2009 when I opened my own face painting, body painting, and henna business in Colorado Springs. I love what I do and it shows. I would love to create a custom piece of body art with you!


Gina Outcalt, Founder of NeoHenna

Henna Mixology

I only use 100% natural henna, lavender / cajeput oil, black tea and sugar in my henna paste. All the artists that I work with use the same products and adhere to these safety and quality standards for henna paste. more…


Additional talent hired for your event will be a real artist with a proven track record in reliability, professionalism and talent. We often get together to compare our skills and practice our techniques. I treat clients as I like to be treated. I carry liability insurance.


I attend professional training taught by henna artists that teach at HennaCon and FABIAC, so I keep up to date on all the latest tools, techniques, materials, design ideas and trends. You are getting the latest and greatest that any henna artist has to offer.

Happy Clients

Learned so much in a short time. I highly recommend this henna class. Sending some family members your way.
Laura E.
Attended “Intro to Henna” Class, 2015

The henna class ws so much fun. Thank you so much for your patience. I am going to henna all my friends now!
Scarlett F.
Attended “Intro to Henna” Class, 2016

Thanks for doing something so customized and so last minute. Lots of compliments!
Carol K.
Private appointment, 2017

Thank you for your artistry at my mandala party. Henna stain great at 2 weeks out.
Corrinne K.
Bridal Shower, 2015